About the Big Red Barn Daycare

Big Red Barn Daycare

Big Red Barn Daycare

“A child feels loved, wanted and capable as he basks in the presence of someone who by word and action tells him he is all these things.” Herbert Sprigle

The Big Red Barn Daycare/Preschool is for children ages 18 months to 5 years old. Our philosophy is based on research that by the time a child is three, their brains are twice as active as that of an adult. Equally important are ages 3-5 when children continue to practice new skills and discover the joy of learning.

From the time of enrollment we are preparing children for Kindergarten readiness. Once basic needs are met (food, water, shelter, restroom etc.) the number one goal is to be sure that children in our care feel safe, happy and comfortable enough to learn, place and to develop close relationships with the other children and adults in the program.

To ensure quality time with each child, we only have 6 full-time positions. Please contact us to check space availability.


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