Daily Schedule/Vacation Policy

The Big Red Barn Daycare opens at 7:30amdining room

Breakfast at 8:30am

Preschool Curriculum and Art projects 9:00am

Free Play 10:00am

Outdoor Play 10:45am

Lunch 11:30am

Nap 12-2:00pm

Indoor or outdoor play

Snack 3:00pm

Reading, puzzles and free play

Children still here at 4-4:30 gather up their belongings and come to the living room for movie time. This is the only time during the day the TV is allowed to be on. We have found this is a nice way to relax and wait for their parent or guardian.


Vacation/Sick Day Policy

We do not charge you when we take our vacation. We always take one week off per year, but reserve the right to take 2 weeks. We post the vacation schedule near the beginning of the year. Occasionally we may take an extended weekend. All time off is posted well in advance. If you take time off or if your child is absent for any reason you are still responsible to pay for those days.


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